Coconut Cucumber Mint Cooler

Hey Sexy-Bangalore-Weather! Where have you been hiding? I miss you.

It’s hotter than hot here in Namma Bengaluru and can I just say, this isn’t going down too well. My electricity bill is up by an added digit, I’ve been suffering from icky-prickly heat and masala chai no longer seems to do me any good. In an attempt to find my perfect mid-day energy boost, I’ve tried ice-chilledĀ kokum juice, plain ol’ H20 (so boring) and this thirst-and-heat-quenching coconut cucumber mint cooler. It’s heaven in a glass! And it’s pretty darn refreshing, especially when served on the rocks.

coconut cucumber mint cooler
It’s an easy, no effort recipe that I’m sure any toddler can whiz up too. Ingredients go as: coconut water, cucumber, mint leaves, a dash of lemon and a sprinkle of coconut sugarĀ for a dose of sweetness. Blend it up it your mixer and serve it up.

Psst… it’s detoxing too (ka-ching on the health meter). Cheers!

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