Closet Raid -Shehla Meezan

So this week I raid another closet, with a very close friend of mine Shehla Meezan. She’s currently studying fashion in the city of all things glamorous, London! Shehla has a flair of being independant, different and definitely a crowd puller. Her enigmatic charisma definitely comes out in her style. She’s not afraid to explore and definitely doesnt give a “shit”. I love her for who she is and her awesome style! So here goes to raiding her closet….

Look 1: fur gilet; stripe top; blue draped vest 
One staple I always go for is that one has to be a ‘show‘ piece, could be anything fun and attention-seeking, the fur gilet here. Teamed with a basic or classic item in this case the stripe simple top. The blue vest is only to break the color theme on me. I accessorize simply with silver almost all the time as it runs with just about everything in my wardrobe.

Look 2: sandy clay leather jacket; floral top; muck green snood; jeans

prints run amiss in my wardrobe, i have just about 2-3 printed items, of which this one is my favorite. Its a break from the boring hues i wear, this ensemble makes me feel brighter and puts me in a mood for some fun (n flirting). I can never go all bright so I have to bring in a dull shade (muck green snood to be precise) for my comfort. I have worn my silver twisted chains too hidden here though. but i do have on a spider hairy bag (also a popular piece in my closet). its got a great leather flap which completes the look for me. Jeans are your classics, have to be normal somewhere.

Look 3: Brown nude square top; black 3/4 tee inside; bright blue pants; a leather glove

I remember buying these bright blues because i was bored my basic denims, and man do I love this purchase now! It goes with all my dull and dry items, gives life to my look. simple to pull off.  Neckpiece from the streets of Delhi, oxidized silver. the glove is just a attention-driven addition.

Look 4:sandy pink brown long top; brown knit cowl vest
The knit piece is one of my favorites, its got an unusual cowl in the front and is a basic vest from the back, its easy to put on with anything inside (a lace top, turquoise tube, black bra if ur d daring type _not me_). ive worn a simple top underneath for regular college wear. Got a green circle neckpiece on as a fun addition to the otherwise boring look.
Shehla :
  • I have so much going on with my outfits that I just about always leave my hair down (uncombed if I’m running late), I don’t like to make myself appear too done up, besides I am actually that lazy when I’m done getting ready. 
  • I have about 3 pairs of boots: riding, garage grunge, and fur boots. These I alternate depending on how excited my outfit looks, riding boots go with all my excited items to keep away the attention from my legs. fur boots for the non-excited styled looks and the remainder with my garage ones.
  • The best thing about London is the weather, its never hot, and pretty cold most of the time (I’m a sucker for the fall-winter looks), so jackets and knits are always my investments, and those are the things everyone almost everytime notices. they’ll always miss your new jeans or your new tops cause they’re inside, it’s the stuff outside that matters’ (pun intended)
  • I wear the same blue, black and grey jeans over and over again and switch between basic black or grey leggings, you can’t go wrong with these ever.
  • Bags are fun too, I always get something screaming for attention: fur, rivets, skins, odd-shapes…
I think I’ve always had fashion occurrences in my life. I’ve been through the ugly street-sweeping baggy jeans-huge t-shirts phase, the printed indian kurtis phase, the only blacks and only greys phase..I think I’m on the crossroads of spring-brights and fall-browns right now. I don’t know how but I end up liking a colour every season and end up sticking to it. I work my way around that with different styles. I wouldn’t ever say no to anything but I am a stickler for the classics like the leather jacket, winter overcoat, powerplay workwear jacket, white shirt, mufflers/scarves. Also I’ve been thinking of making a bold move like getting my hair cut short or colored bright, but since I change my styles so seasonally I don’t know if I’ll be able to stick it out till the end.

Serena from GG has great style, as does Kate Moss, Kareena Kapoor.

So this is Shehla for you, bold and energetic……. I’m sure you figured that out:)
Thank you Shehla, I know the post is super late! I’m loving your style!
Graphic edits: Saher Imran (thank you 🙂

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  1. I H.E.A.R.T!!
    I have always adored your wardrobe Shehla….always the one with the most exciting fashion choices…I know you'd hate me but I especially loved the flared floor sweeping bell bottoms phase with the "virginity necklace" of course for others it was religious….lol
    And two thumbs up for the hair cut idea…I would love to see you in a short style… love to you and to Nami for her lovely blog!!

  2. shiites!!!! how in the world did i miss this!!! lovelay… satan! you lookin sane and harmless! love the clothes and super love the second-last picure's pose!! seen it a million times.. can almost imagine you sayin
    "pacch, click the pic properly you moron.. have u never looked through the lens before… telescope n all?? " hahahahaha…. good job gettin this done NAM!!! love it!

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