Cinnamon Rolls….

One of my most fondest childhood/teen memories is watching my mother bake. I remember her letting me help her bake our favorite cakes, letting me eat the batter and the smell of her freshly baked chocolate cake!! Of late I’ve found an interesting new hobby.. started with coconut almond cookies! Last weekend I attempted to make Cinnamon rolls, one of my favorites and let Lekha be my tasting guru, be the critic! I say they weren’t bad at all.. here you go….

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  1. ah! i like being the critic/ tasting guru/ gourmet/ food connoisseur part…. but after that, i will successfully play the role of being the gourmand also!
    Considering i don't have a sweet tooth, i can gobble down millions of these at one go! and mind, no one can beat me! probably dennis could:)
    Way to go nami!

  2. Thank you man! I know how much you enjoy playing the roles of the gourmand and the food connoisseur! But your an integral part to my recipe 🙂

  3. food critic. the luckiest get that job! man nami these make me drool (even with the food i just had!!)
    also, i'll suggest that you put up your recipe, IF there arent Patel secrets hidden in those yum rolls! I'd like to see what went behind the making!
    Quite the budding Pastry chef u are!

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