Merry Marie Chocolate Fudge

Last year, I posted this devil on my Instagram, promising to share the recipe with you! Hmm, promises are meant to be broken?!  Well I got sick and busy, but I’m back now with this recipe to say “I missed you”. Only thing, you have to make it for yourself- trust me it’s super easy, like ABCD easy!

I read up this recipe on Pinterest a while back and it stuck-like-glue. It’s so easy, you don’t even need to remember the recipe, just remember the ingredients, which are:
– A packet of Marie biscuits
– A handful of chopped nuts (I used pistachios)
– 4 tsps of cocoa powder
– A tin of condensed milk
Now if you have a grinder, half your job is done, otherwise get your rolling pin out. Grind 3/4th of the Marie biscuits to a coarse powder and break the rest with your hands- this will give little-surprise-bites of crunch. Next mix all the dry ingredients and slowly start pouring in the condensed milk. I used almost 3/4th of the tin to get a fudge-like consistency- yummy! Once you’ve mixed it well, grab yourself a 1 inch tray, pat the fudge down and put in it the fridge to set.
4 ingredients, 2 so-called techniques and 1 easy chocolate recipe- it’s a soul saviour. 
You don’t need to leave it in the fridge for too long, I say give it an hour. Once it’s set, divide them into bite size squares or rectangles or whatever you want! I placed butter paper under each to avoid them from sticking, so it’s easy to grab and eat.
And there you have it! Let me know how you liked yours..
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Freshly baked banana bread is what “comfort food” means to me, especially one cooked by my mummy-the-best. Growing up I’ve watched my mum cook up the most delicious food and I admire her passion and love for it! Ask my mum to cook for my friends or crave for something chocolaty, she’ll instantly whip up something scrumptious. I can never tire of eating her food and every night wish I could come home to a dish cooked my mumma’s love. Unfortunately that’s not what happens, instead every now and then I put on the chef’s hat and try to make something close to what my mum does- so the iPad comes out and I hunt up my next recipe from her blog which is my food bible! But I also like to experiment and add in a little touch of “Nami” to her recipes. The one recipe I have mastered of hers is the banana walnut bread and can almost bake it blindly- I think Prashant will agree with this one!  The recipe I used is obviously my mum’s but since I didn’t have walnuts I added in  three spoons of flaxseed and coated the loaf with oats before I put it in the oven (trying to be healthy). And not to forget the chocolate factor- I added in  cup of cocoa powder. This bread is super easy to make and bakes up in 45 mins.

For the full recipe check mum’s blog.

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Appreciation Of Indian Textiles

I know, I know! I’ve been having a little of a dry spell here on the blog and some other areas in my life, but I think I’ve reconnected. In all honesty the digital world does get to me every now and then..the constant need of updating the blog, FB or Instagram does feel a little weighed on. What happened to the good old days where I blogged just cause “I” wanted to?! I needed a break and I think it worked out just fine because it made me reconnect with the idea of why I blog. So yes, this post is a little late but it needed a mention and here it is. 
For all your NIFTians out there, the name “Appreciation of Indian Textiles”, will probably take you back to one of our modules. This was one of my favourite classes whilst studying at NIFT, purely because of the tales woven behind these beautiful fabrics our culture boasts off. From ikat to kantha, I loved every bit of the history connected to these rich looms. I had a phase where I had a love affair with kurtas, kurtis and indian textiles, but somewhere down the lane, these ensembles found themselves hidden at the back of my closet. In a scavenge hunt for finding the perfect Diwali outfit, I found some kurtas and dupattas that I’d hardly worn and needed some love. The look that I’ve put together for this post is something I’d wear on a casual occasion that needs a little ethnic to it. What I like about it- it’s minimal, fuss-free and doesn’t necessarily come along with the bling of festive ethnic. My pick was a simple yet elegant chikankari anarkali, a quilted kantha stole, jhootis (gifted by Lekha) and a bangle from Aprajita Toor’s collection.

♥ Love to Lekha and Abhay for being my team
♥ Prashant, missed you this Diwali

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So every now and then you’ve just got to indulge in a pair of shoes that takes you to infinity and back! Did I need them? Ummm, I kind of did and how could I resist that 20% off? So there goes to breaking my “no shopping” resolution! There are two reasons that really made me to buy this pair- who wouldn’t want to own their own little galaxy? And have you ever slipped into a pair of Vans? If you haven’t, you’re kind of missing out on some comfort! My first pair of Vans needed a little breaking into, but this pair was so comfortable and felt like I’ve been kicking around in them for sometime. So my verdict on this pair has to be a 10/10 (even though Abhay has noted on too many occasions that they look like PE shoes splashed with Holi colours.. grrh).
I wore this pair for the first time for a friend’s birthday cum barbeque party and decided to slip on a casual look, something you’d probably find me wearing on the weekend. The shirt is something I picked up from Max last month and I honestly don’t think I’m going to ever tire of wearing denim shirts – Only the denim gods can save me now! I’m officially and shamelessly stating denim shirts as my weekend wear- so if you come across a sexy denim shirt, you know who to pass over the link to!

Just one more thing- I kind of slacked out on my INFB October photo challenge, but you can still have a peep here.

Shoes- Vans            Sunglasses- Forever New
Shirt- Max               Leggings- Ginger
Bracelet- Lekha’s

You can follow my blog on Facebook and Twitter– I promise to keep you entertained!

♥ Love to Lekha and Abhay for being my team

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I’m a complete sucker for anything and everything sweet. Offer me anything with sucre and I’ll gladly have it! But as we all know, that’s not a very good thing! So in an attempt to be healthy and still indulge in some sweet cravings, I baked myself some wholesome goodies! Chocolate cookies sans the white flour and less sugar- did it taste just as good as normal chunky chocolate cookies? Hell ya!! I also added in a few sprinkles to trick my mind into thinking I’m evil! The recipe is pretty simple and I took it off my mum’s whole wheat cookie recipe, but added in a bit of my evilness.

Please check here for the original wholewheat cookie recipe.

My evil additions:
– Instead of the 2¼ cups of wheat flour, I made in 1¼ wheat flour and 1 cup chocolate powder.
– Instead of orange peel, I added a sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg powder (though I do like orange and chocolate)
– Instead of orange juice, I added some vanilla essence.

Voila! And there you have it!

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