Label Love: Project Wood

project wood rope light

Hello hello… I’m back!! I took a two week break from the blog only cause I was having the time of my life in Dubai with P. I feel like we make guest appearances in each other’s lives, but it’s something that I know is temporary and worth the wait (hang in there girl). Anyhow, just before I left Kenya, I was strolling on Insta (as usual) and came across Project Wood. First thoughts… for how long was I hibernating to not have found this awesome brand? I also felt like kicking myself in the butt because I absolutely love their product range and now I have no space in the house to adopt some of their precious furniture *teary eyed*.

Maybe, I can treat myself to The Rolling Lamp which I absolutely loooove. The lamp has a macrame rope that gives it this cool 80s’ vibe while the bare buld knocks in a industrial look that’s still making rounds in the decor world. What’s cool about this lamp, is that there’s a gazillion ways to style it up- I know a sweet spot in my house where I’d rope this up.

I’ve also been admiring the Hexagon Tables and the Sandune cabinet which both have minimalist aesthetics with bold dimensions that give it a contemporary yet oh-so-classic look. Also, the pieces are quite unique for anyone whose looking for anything but run of the mill stuff. Do check ’em up and read their story here.

project wood indiaproject wood cabinet

I can’t wait to see what more Project Wood has to offer in the future. Gonna keep a tab on these guys.

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Dopamine Dressing

dopamine dressing

“Dress yourself happy”, they say.

Last year, athleisure pitched the perfect play by leading us to a more sporty state-of-mind with white kicks, leggings instead of jeggings, yada yada making it to our wardrobes. However, 2017 started off on a happier note by revealing a look/term called “dopamine dressing”. Prozac, move over.

Dopamine dressing is basically wearing clothes or accessories that make you happy- Little Miss Sunshine types. Whether it’s a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt, an egg yolk dress,  La La Land yellow or some crazy eye makeup, the dope look begs you to bring out your inner quirky and colour yourself happy.

Dopamine dressing is also meant to attract all kinds of positive energy to help you slay the day in style. I have a list of things from my wardrobe that I think are dope-

  1. Ruby Woo for days on end. This MAC shade has some crazy powers to make you feel happy and sexy all at once.
  2. My Vans Mickey Mouse sweatshirt is so playful and cute, it helps me forget I’m 30.
  3. P gave me these ah-mazing Adidas Superstars “Liquid Gold” kicks which make me feel golden.
  4. During my vidai, my bros were supposed to wrap a shawl around me. That colourful tasseled shawl brings back some close-to-the-heart memories.
  5. Recent adrenaline-inducing buy is a cute sweatshirt from ONLY that was 60% off and begging to be adopted by me. It has an 80s all over floral print with beaded shoulders.

Try one week of dopamine dressing and tell me if it makes your dil happy.

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Label Love: The Second Life


I, for one, am a sucker for beautiful stationery and I have a special tiny room in my heart for all things crafty. True fact: I would choose to forage a craft store any day over a clothes store (pakka promise). I also believe that packaging is just as important as the gift itself. I happen to also shudder at the thought of bad, heartless packaging.

A month before our wedding, mum and I had scavenged around for presents to gift to our family and friends. While we did get some amazing stuff, I was sure that gold foil wrapping paper won’t make the cut to wrap these beauties. Neither did I have time to add a bouquet of trims, ribbons and bows onto the presents to further beautify them! Plus, knowing that the tiny little Rs.20 bow would find its way to the dustbin, I was forced to switch on my frugal mode and think a little out of the box.

Enter: TSL.

The Second Life by Studio ABCD is a sustainable design studio founded by Raahul Khadaliya, a senior of mine from college. Why I reached out to him? Well, let’s just say I was impressed with his range of products and loved the ideology his brand stands for- they upcycle discarded paper waste like old movie posters and newspapers by block printing them in vivid hues. Dayum cool huh? And because he’s so beautifully described the journey on the website, I’m going to share the link here.

As for what I picked up? A bunch of block printed upcycled newspapers and gift bags that the team personalised for me with little name tags.


I still remember the day I picked up the entire lot, I was so happy that I had this gorgeous paper to wrap our gifts. It was also fun watching some of the guests discover that their wrapping paper was good ol’ newspaper! Plus, I felt that in a small teeny tiny way,  I did my part towards supporting sustainability as a design ethos.

And I’d like to give a big shoutout to the talented team and Sneha, for doing such a great job!

P.S. Because I’m feeling cheery today morning, here’s a little tune to set your mood. Ok bye!

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Label Love: Dhora

dhora india

When you’re inching towards 30, somethings indefinitely start to change. You start taking the whole “skin regime” thing seriously (read:adult acne is no fun), you “invest” half your salary into hiring a personal trainer and make him your BFF, and you start skipping the in-your-face bling and diamante studded necklaces that were so in vogue when you bought them. Nah, I’m not a killjoy, but kaleidoscopic plastic gemstones are most likely going to take a backstage for a while, at least till I decide to channel my Iris Apfel. For now, unique pieces that stand the test of time and style are what I’m on a look out for.

Label Love numero uno goes to Dhora. Inspired by all things Rajasthani, the brand’s leading duo Aavriti R Jain and Siddharth Daspan, create beautiful bijoux pieces that are sophisticated yet rugged and borderline quirky. The beaten brass treasures boast of an understated elegance that pair well with a simple white shirt and a handwoven Chanderi silk saree alike. Versatile and timeless- what’s not to love?

With lots of haul pieces to add to my cart, I decided to be selective and picked the Holy Cow Bali Necklace (though I’m craving for the earrings now). I love how it packs in an edgy punch with a whisper of Indian kitsch. My favourite pair-up so far was teaming it up with my Ikat dress (see here).dhora jewellery
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Did someone say “POOL”?

travel poolside travel essentials

I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly day-dreaming of diving into a cool blue pool! It’s hot, sticky and I feel like I’m being baked; it’s not a good feeling I tell you! While I spend my time day dreaming, I also imagine having the perfect summer bag with the perfect swimsuit, the perfect hat and a pair of flip flops that allow me to relax and rewind in style. And I strongly believe, if you’re prepped, then you’ll most likely find yourself following the right path, mine being- the pool. Also, I’m off to Pondicherry (yet again!) for a weekend getaway.


Here’s what I’m taking along-
1. Flip flops– Espadrilles, thong sandals and jelly pumps are all nice, BUT your true water-friendly companion is a pair of flip flops. Easy to clean, happy on the feet and quick drying, these babies say you’re on vacay mode.
2. Swimsuit- Finding the perfect swimsuit is like capturing an elusive creature. While you have a great collection online, I strongly recommend battling it out in a trial room. That’s the only way you’ll know how the swimsuit hugs, defines and holds your beautiful curves. My favourite go-to store for swimsuits is Marks & Spencer. Tried and tested since 1987.
3. Sunglasses– Shade your eyes in style but remember guys, most fashionable sunnies have close to no protection. Those UV rays are mean suckers and have a way of unknowingly harming you, so ensure your sunnies, whether round, square or heart shaped help to maximise the coverage on your eyes. When it comes to lenses, make sure their polarized. This helps to reduce the glare, especially when that hunk looks like Robert Pattison in all his shimmery-glory.
4. Sunblock– JLo claims the secret behind her beautiful skin is staying out of the the sun and using sunblock always! As much as I love the sun and getting a slight tan, I’m not sure I’m into the whole “peeled” look. SPF50 is minimum and a must (duh!). Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock Spf 50+ is my all-time favourite or you can try the Ansolar Daily Gel-cream SPF30, which does wonders for oil-pan greasy skin like mine.
5. Hats– For the extra protection plus I love the wanderlust vibes straw hats give. Psst… Forever21 has a great collection right now.
Also, I’m thinking of capturing the best places to eat and shop while we’re at Pondicherry. Interested anyone?
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