The Clean Cheat and Sweaty Rants

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The hottest news- Bey is having twins *dayum* and I’m kickstarting a health section called “The Clean Cheat” on the blog!

Food is my trusty sidekick and weight is it’s sneaky evil twin who triggers all kinds of nasty trial-room  nightmares. I’ve never ever been a skinny bitch but I’ve seen better swimsuit days and also some horrible muffin top days. Right now, I’m on middle ground (the tragic plateau phase). However, when age is your ultimate battle and the scale tends to weigh you down, your mind tells you that an extra spoonful of sugar won’t keep the doc away. That’s when life kicks you in the butt and tells you to put on those gym shoes and move towards a healthier life one squat at a time.

There’s a whole lot of mumbo-jumbo out there, from “how to lose 10 kilos in a month” to “800 calories -a-day diets”, which I’m going to call bullshit on. Why am I entitled to disagree? Well, almost a year back, I was a serial-patient, always in and out of the clinic, with a cold, migraines, poop issues and so on- the result of bad work timings, excessive partying, no ghar ka khanna and a surrendered soul. It came to a point where I knew I was making ALL the wrong decisions and popping way too many pills. I also happen to be a statistic- 1 in 10 Indians suffer from thyroid disorders *downer*. That’s when I decided to make the first move.

I don’t remember the exact time and place when I decided to take up a gym membership and hire a personal trainer (Sandeep), but one year down the line, I can tell you that I’ve never run faster and spending an hour a day sweating it out is the second best commitment I made in my life (first goes to P).

My goal here is not to dictate by the kilos but instead explore a healthier lifestyle and make conscious decisions, and share them with you. From my struggles to achievements to sweaty rants. Did I lose all the weight I wanted to and achieve my fitness goals? Nope, not yet. But I’m determined to crush all these goals this year. And I think by putting myself out here, I’ll find more motivation and hopefully company to sticking to this quotidian goal. I’ll be writing about workouts, healthier food options, inspirations, failures and a whole lot more. Basically, I’m hanging out my dirty gym socks.

Also, there’s one word you won’t find on this blog, and that’s “fat”. So be kind and less judgemental. Instead, let’s take a zumba class together.

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