Beauty Notes: A is for Applicator

Guys, I’m starting a brand new series on the blog called the “Beauty Notes” which will literally take you through the A to Z of all things beauty. I’m sups excited!

From products to ingredients to basic makeup jargon, consider this my very own version of “beauty for dummies”. Just a little note before I introduce A- I’m no where close to being a beauty guru or anything of the sort, however the world of beauty quite intrigues me and hey, who doesn’t want to master the art of makeup.

Psst… I doubt I’ll be joining Alicia Keys’ #NoMakeup movement anytime soon. Ok, let’s start now.

A is for applicator

What it does?
The applicator is basically a puff or sponge that is used to to apply makeup (mostly liquid) to your pretty face. It could be round, triangle or dew shaped. Also, it comes in all sizes. In this case, the smaller the better *wink*.

Best buy
So far the most popular kid on the block has been the Beautyblender that’s known to do an ace job at applying your foundation and concealer flawlessly (no more cake face here). However, there’s a new kid called Silisponge who promises to do the same thing without wasting your precious product. Not too sure if I’m ready to hangout with the new kid just yet.

How to use it
Applicators are easy to use. No special skill sets required here. Just wet the sponge a little, apply some foundation/concealer to the back of your hand or spot it onto your face and then use the applicator to dab (read: not wipe) the product flawlessly onto your face. The trick here being blend, blend and blend some more till you get a perfect coverage. And there you have it. So easy, na?

What I think
Umm… just to let you know, there are a tonne of dupes available out there which are cheaper and still get the job done. I don’t mind using those either because I’m not too keen on using the same sponge over and over despite giving it a good wash. This way, neither my heart or piggy bank break each time I throw out a sponge. And bros, whatever anyone says, sponges can’t have a shelf life longer than two months. Period.

BTW brushes count as applicators too, but since that’s quite a huge topic to cover you’ll find it in next week’s B is for brushes.

Let me know if you think of the new series. Happy weekend folks!

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Product Love: Banjara’s Multani Papaya Face Pack & Papaya Water

Banjara's Multani Papaya Face Pack

I’m quite bad at this whole self-maintenance thing. I really do try to be kinder to myself. I also try to keep a routine, but somehow by day 3, I’m much happier going to bed without cleaning-moisturising-toning. You know the drill. Anyhoo, if you’re promising me clearer, younger and revitalised skin in 15 minutes, I’m sold. Also, it helps you’re not making me take out my credit card. Enter Banjara’s.

I’m not really sure when this brand hit the supermarket but I’d seen a lot of good reviews from beauty bloggers which tempted me to embark on a self-preservative journey that hopefully brings out my inner goddess. Umm, too much na? I know, I know.

I picked up two products- Banjara’s Multani Papaya Face Pack and Banjara’s Premium Papaya Water. Why? Because I love face packs and they make me feel pampered and the I’ve heard papaya water has some good exfoliation power. It’s been a little over a month since I’ve had these with me and I’ll be honest, I don’t use them as often as I’d like to but I genuinely like the products.

The multani papaya face pack is actually quite hydrating and doesn’t make you look like the Thing from Fantastic Four *giggle*. It comes with promise to clean your skin by absorbing excess oil and opening up the pores. It also says it’ll help you banish ’em pimples and reduce marks. I’m not sure about the later, but after 20 mins (cause I like some bonus time with it) my skin does feel a notch radiant and a lot more cleaner.

As for the papaya water, I think of it as the trusty sidekick. Supportive yet purposeful to enhance other products like the face pack. I use this as a sort of toner and sometimes just to freshen up my skin when I feel like looks dull. The papaya oil infused water is also supposed to help reduce signs of ageing (if that matters to you). Also, it has this sweet smell to it that I really like.

My verdict? Rs.150 well spent.

Have you tried any of the Banjara’s product yet? Batao batao. I hear the rose water is kickass.


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So Basic Bitch

Here’s the truth- mainstream is what sells. And beauty god MAC knows that.

MUAs from MAC are giving the beauty world an insta-sneak of their latest offering, a nude-meets-smokey palette called “Basic Bitch”. The palette consists of eight gorgeous eye shadows ranging from shimmery to matte and a one light pink blush that makes for a perfect hint of highlight. While the palette is still strictly only making backstage rounds, its rumoured that this beauty babe will hit the shelves soon, and y’all, I’m sure it ain’t gonna be anything but basic. I sense empty wallets and cat fights.

For someone who doesn’t like to add colour to her face apart from the lips, this palette easily makes it to my birthday wishlist *hint hint*. Also, the names are dayum cool, my favourites being “Love This Bitch” and “Game Player” which is a sexy deep shade.

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This Brushegg Makeup Cleaner

beautyegg makeup brush cleaner

Do you clean your makeup brushes? No judgement here. But, do you?

Here’s a fact ladies, your makeup brushes harbour more cooties than you know. It’s pretty damn gross really. From your crease brush to your foundation brush, they all have little monsters waiting to wreck your skin. Gasp! So, give your brushes a little TLC and clean them regularly. I’m going to tell you exactly how to clean your makeup brushes with this nifty little silicone brush cleaner and some homemade cleanser.

I got this funny egg-shaped thingy from (actually called Brushegg). I mostly bought it because when I bulk clean my brushes, my fingers get all wrinkly like I’ve been in the pool for too long. With this silicone egg, you can slide it over your fingers, while the ridges gently scrub the bristles without damaging them *precious little brushes*. It’s literally one of my favourite buys ever!

For the cleanser, I use this homemade Youtube favourite which is equal parts olive oil and an antibacterial face wash or liquid soap. As simple as that. Just dip in your brush, give it a scrub with the makeup cleaner and with gentle strokes remove the access water using a clean paper towel.

homemade makeup brush cleaner

Here is the before and after these babies took a bath.

makeup brush cleaner beautyegg

Tip: Sometimes when I want to quickly clean a particular brush, like my smudger, I dab some makeup remover on a paper towel and rub the makeup residue off. But this is only and only when I’m in a real hurry.

What’s the takeaway here? You don’t need to spend your moolah on expensive shit- save that for your next Sephora buy. Got that?

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The Nykaa Nail Polish Haul

nykaa nail polish

Confession: I bite my nails. I know, I know, I’m gross that way.

The only time I had nails longer than a millimetre was for my wedding, when I got nail extensions done. And trust me, I was in manicure heaven! For the first time, my hands looked worthy of the diamond ring P so generously gave me. I also took a million pictures and would sneakily place my hands in a Kylie-esque pose every time someone said “selfie”. But like all good things, I had to bid adieu to my fake nails and rekindle with my teeny tiny nails *wipes away a tear*.

My little tryst with perfect nails sparked a mini obsession to create a mani bar at home. Also, I have tonnes of time on my hands right now. I already had the basics- nail filer, cutter et al, I just needed a bunch of new nail polishes (excuses, excuses!). I fell hard for all the Nykaa nail polishes and their worthy praise that kept creeping up onto my Insta feed. So, in Pavlovian style, I went to Nykaa, got destroyed by the the selection and picked up not one but four colours. Also, I sneaked in a lipstick because a little self-love is always good, right?!

My first pick was a beautiful trio that Nykaa has dubbed as the “Wedding Essentials Combo“. The colours to bag are Red Velvet, Strawberry Tart and Watermelon Sorbet *yummalicious*. The hues are basics that every mani kit MUST have. My verdict- these colours are sooo gorgeous and trust me, they last pretty damn long.

With the essentials done, I wanted to experiment a little and picked up Black Cherry Pie that is a rich and mysterious dark plum. What’s to love about this one? It’s freaking matte! This one’s a sidekick for fall/winter leather jacket type ensembles.

After trying out these colours over a month, these little gems have me wrapped around their brushes. Currently, I’m showing off how Black Cherry Pie looks on my Insta. You like?

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