36 Days Of Type & A Beautiful Journey Through Indian Crafts With Hiral Patel

36 Days of Type

Typo geeks and craft nerds, have you seen anything more beautiful than these alphabets?

This has legit been my most favourite thing on Instagram this whole year! I remember thinking how sad I’d be when we got to Z and wished for the sake of this project that there were a gazillion letters in the alphabet. I wonder if the brain and insanely talented designer behind this 36 Days of Type project Hiral Patel thought so too.

Before we find out, let me quickly fill you in on the project itself. 36 Days of Type is an open project to designers and illustrators to express themselves or their view through 26 letters followed by the numbers 0-9 making it 36 days of typo heaven!  I was following the hashtag #36DaysOfType on Instagram and it was Hiral’s passion and truly unique representation that really spelt out W-O-W for me.

If you haven’t already guessed yet, her letters represent different crafts of India; from A for Ajrakh to Z for Zardozi (common, repeat after me!). Personally, it was a beautiful recap of what we learnt in our “appreciation of indian textiles” class and also, I got educated on a handful of new crafts like Q for Quitabat (did you know?). From the letters to the impeccable styling to the write-ups on each post, it’s clear that Hiral put in a whole lot of time and effort into this project, which I truly truly admire. Kasam se.

When someone truly inspires me, I can’t help but reach out to them. So over a few quick messages on Instagram, Hiral so sweetly answered my questions (like a true pro). Here goes…

Designer, artist or both?
I feel every designer is an artist and has his/her own unique style and way of thinking. One cannot be a successful designer if one is not an artist at heart.

I’m passionate about… Painting. Food. Sleeping. (lol)

36 Days of Type taught me to have faith in an idea and execute it. As most of the times I would chuck an idea due to fear of being unable to execute it.

I’m obsessive about folk art & crafts of the world. There is so much that history can teach us that we can never learn otherwise.

My favourite letter from 36 Days of Type is D for Daboo

Also, she said coming to the end of the project was bittersweet (read: same feels). If you want to admire more of her work or share a virtual hug with her, you can follow her on Instagram or checkout her portfolio here. I highly recommend both.

And in her own words, she shares a little something about herself.

“Hi my name is Hiral. I’m a Mumbai based freelance graphic designer (formerly working at Good Earth India). I believe that crafting your heart out makes room for your soul; and that creativity is contagious- one must pass it on. I love to paint pretty things and fallen flowers. What can I say Arts and Crafts keeps me sane!”


Psst…Don’t you just love her?

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Weekly Finds

What’s my favourite all-time pastime? Finding stuff (duh!). Sometimes I believe that I really should have considered a job in crime scene investigation or opened up a detective agency of my own. Who knows, maybe someday I will and you’ll hire me. Till then Google is my bestest friend who tells me mostly everything I need to know and more. Even how to become a detective *wink*.

Till that happens, I’ll be sharing some of my favourite finds with you weekly. Be it

1/ My garden goals look something like this *dreamy eyes*. Guys, did you know that moss isn’t always green and you get it in brilliant shades of pink? Like seriously, why has no one ever told me about Hitsujiyama Park in Japan? Why, why? If you’re planning a trip to Japan then go during April-May because that’s when this beauty blooms.Hitsujiyama Park


2/ I love kolhapuris. Add tassels and I love them more. These cuties are from Aprajita Toor’s new collection of footwear. The collection has some brights and metallics that would look so fab with summer dresses and stuff. I’m a huge fan and have been since this post.aprajita toor


3/ Lisbeth Salander is back and I just want to skip to October 2018 to watch “The Girl in The Spider’s Web”. However, I’m not too happy with the no-show Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig *bummer*. Rumour has it Natalie Portman or Scarlett Johansson might be the new Salander. Who would you pick?

Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist


4/ I think I first came across these crazy-but-cool shrines on Pinterest a while back and I absolutely love them. These quirky little shrines called nichos are mostly made of mixed media and act as devotional niches for anything from religion to pop culture. I absolutely adore them. Kind of want to make one with Ganeshji- what you think?Frida Kahlo Nicho

5/ Have you ever wondered how lipsticks are made? Today, I did. Google led me this way to good ol’ Refinery29. I really want to get a customised lipstick- any leads?


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Being Equal


Pussy power. Women against Trump. Women against honour killings. Women against double standards. Women against the douchebags who tried to grope them. Women against abuse. Sounds all too familiar, eh?

Unfortunately, this doesn’t even address the bigger picture. Every time these words make it to the headlines, I’m sure you’ve envisioned a squad of women protesting for their fundamental rights. What you might have not thought of, is that women have been fighting the world even before we were born. Often fighting for our lives even before our first breath is stolen from us. Only because we have a pussy.

Does  it bother you I say “pussy”? Well, you’d be a dick if it did.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not on a boy-bashing rant here. I have no right to advocate against men. Why would I? I’ve been brought up by a father who treats me just like my brothers, which means, I got my right to a kickass education, I got the opportunity to dictate my own life and every time I switch on the water works, I’m firmly reminded that one should be more thick-skinned. Lucky for me, I wasn’t asked to forgo an education or sign up for the shaadi bootcamp after turning a ripe 23. Instead, I was empowered by him to live the best life I possibly can and also to give back. Thank you papa.

Being a woman, it’s inherent that I would side with my own sex. The goddesses. I’m fast to judge when “they” think the fairness of her skin equates #marriagegoals or when the perfectly round chapati puts her in the winning for the “Best Bahu 2017” or when her paycheque goes to his bank account and not hers- however you call her self sufficient and independent because she works TOO *slow clap*.

It’s not men who are the necessary evil. It’s our own society. The next door uncle who can’t handle the number of male friends entering your apartment, the girl who shammed you before your college jury by calling you “fat”, the tutor who thought you were too naive and grazed his hand up your skirt or the corporate bitch who dissed out the stay-at-home mum. Yet, from the uncle to the corporate bitch, we all advocate for “the future is female”. Have we understood what we’re fighting for? Do women understand that its more than just adding a #whoruntheworld hashtag to their post? Do men understand that it’s not a race between men and women, instead it’s a plight to empower every living soul, human being, cat and little goldfish in our society to have equal rights?

Equal. Same to same. Got that?


Disclaimer: These are my own thoughts. Comment down below because I’m always up for a good conversation. Heated or not. Also, happy women’s day!

Image credit: Poshmark

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Disciple & Dedication= Art

I’ve already begun talking about my new year’s resolutions in the past tense. Ya ya, I know, it’s kind of lame. Anyhow, most quotes on Pinterest tell you that “it’s never too late” and “today is a good day to start”. Dedication is something I’m still trying to add to the roll call of my day. While I obsessively think about it, I also tend to stalk people who can do anything religiously- like a #100happydays. I never did it because I’m generally a very happy person.

I didn’t really stalk the happy-mongers, however I do have a mini crush on the design-led series  #asaladeveryweek (Pavithra Dikshit) and #ageoaday (Isabella Conticello). These kickass ladies are pure genius ?. It obviously took them a lot of dedication and a whole lot of creativity to keep up with the series.

A Geo A Day has the most brilliant and harmonious colour schemes every created- their like visual zen. Nothing chaotic. I love how the geometric shapes tell their own story of captured scenes, while the colours add in a sense of recognition. Also, Isabella Conticello’s work reminds me of cool 80s geometric prints. Here are my favourite ones from the entire lot.

03839523662117.57d823718acf5 c087aa23662117.573448cb4303c b5fb2423662117.573ece8157e31 2038af23662117.56d83feac62af

As for Pavithra Dikshit, she has the talent to make a salad look so-damn-beautiful that you want to eat it. Only thing, its made from paper. It’s one thing to master making tasty salads that go beyond “ghaas phoos” and it’s another thing to make art out of it every single week. Dayum girl!

You should know that Pavithra recently published a book “Discipline” that talks of her routines. I still need to get hands on a copy.

Note: I also love going through her writing here.

Pavithra Dikshit Pavithra Dikshit Pavithra Dikshit

Moral of the post? Discipline and dedication can be fun and creative.

All images/art belong to the respective artists. I just admire their work.

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