The Cactus is The New Palm

cactus decor trend 2017

When WGSN sends you an email saying “The cactus is the new palm print” your heart does a happy skip because you’ve got your 2017 decor goals on point.

A couple of months back, the Patel family moved to a new address and it’s been a WIP since. We mostly moved all our furniture and decor pieces from our old apartment to the new one, but we’re slowly adding in some pieces=character to fill up the nooks and corners of this beaut of a home. My bedroom turned out exactly as I wanted it- my only demand was ample of “organised” wardrobe space, which Abhay (our architect and bestie) did an ace job at. I have a tendency to go way overboard, so apart from the furniture in my room (which takes up most of the area), I made a conscious *head hurts* decision to keep it minimal with a few statement pieces #adulting. There’s only one corner in my room that had some visual void and I decided to go with creating a small setup of cacti.

My mini cactus obsession started a while back and over time I realised I had a happy little gathering. From cactus candles from my local grocery shop (steal deal) to this cactus lamp that I’m obsessed with, I rounded up all my prickly cuties and voila, I had a decor setup ready in under 5 minutes.

wishing chair cactus dish

I got this adorable ring dish from The Wishing Chair that recently opened shop in Indiranagar next to Toit. It’s a wonderland for anyone whose obsessed with cute decor- I can guarantee you won’t walk out of this shop without spending a few notes. They also have a little cafe that serves up some delicious treats- schedule your next coffee date here. Also, they’ll be able to feed your cactus obsession.

Until next time folks…

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  1. I love how you’ve decorated that little corner of your room. I have been looking for tiny cacti for long and your post is inspiration enough for me to put more effort into my hunt!

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