Bringing Sexy Back with Latkans as Mehendi Favors

parrot latkans

I literally cannot contain my excitement- I’m like a confetti cannon that’s about to explode! Why why? Well, our wedding pictures are finally here which means I have a baraat-full of shaadi posts lined up for you. I’m going to be treating these posts like my very own shaadi Pensieve (if that makes any sense).

While I’ve mentally thought about how to arrange the posts, I’m still not sure if I should blog them in chronological order (much harder to do) or to just randomly shoot away. I promise once I have a few posts going, I’ll organise them.

Today’s post is about these cute little mehendi favors we had at our event.

During our shopping trip to Delhi and Bombay, mum and I had kept in mind that apart from the important stuff like the clothes, jewellery and pooja stuff, we had to keep an eye out for the fun stuff like the mehendi favors, moolah envelopes and tiny potlis to put some gifts in. I wasn’t very sure what I wanted to giveaway as the mehendi favors, but I was determined not to exploit the budget.

I wanted something that was cute, inexpensive yet thoughtful. Gota rings are adorable but not perfect for the aunties, clutches would probably just be an add-on to the pile of unwanted bags, bangles would find their way at the bottom of the box. So, what exactly did we want then? Hmm… something that catered to the younglings and to the oldie goldies.

After walking through the streets of Karol Bagh like headless chickens, we decided to make one last stop at a beads-and-ribbons-kind-of-shop which Gayatri (our shaadi shopping pro) swears by. That’s where we found containers filled with all kinds of latkans, from cute parrot and pompom ones (my favourite) to beautiful gold bead embellished tassels. These were absolutely perfect! Why didn’t we think of it before?? Duh! The latkans could be used on blouses, as keychains, as trinkets or anything really. No manual required here.

So, mum, Gayatri and I spent the next hour picking up 80 assorted pairs of these and walked out of the shop happy to bring sexy back! We also got some bindis from this gem-of-a-shop in Santacruz called Beautyspot– the ladies in my fam having been buying bindis from here for generations. Also, they custom make bindis- how cool, na?

mehendi favors

Here’s a small peek-a-boo of my mehendi function.

mehendi decor

Happy memory from this day- I absolutely loved my mehendi, it was just perfect. Also, we had a tiny episode with the mehendi artists turning up late (no surprise here) but my super duper talented friend Priyanka (Pinku) kind of saved the day and did mehendi for the squad. What’s even cuter? They had french fries, coke and whole lot of nonsense as their designs. Still hunting for the pic with their “designer” mehendi, but catch her in action here. mehendi design bridal

Take note- we had a really cute photo booth and this fun pinwheel inspired decoration done by our wedding planner extraordinaire Neethi and her team from Purplerings. I’ll be sharing all the deets soonish.

Picture courtesy- the fantastic duo Pixelena Studio.

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  1. What a colourful mehendi event with equally exciting colourful drinks in test tubes and smoking cookies. An unexpected surprise that made me scream with joy.., my ‘baby’cousin yane ki Nami’s mama is the surprise arrival for the wedding, all the way from London

  2. Attending my nieces wedding in Banglore was an amazing event. From day 1 the organised trips to and fro from our hotel to the food and decor were fantastic. My sister and her family did a superb job. Now back home, I miss my family. I would like to wish the newly wed couple all the love and happiness in life.

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