Bridal Notes: Five Fabulous Jutti Brands from India

These are my wedding juttis that still make my heart do somersaults. The picture was taken by my ace wedding photographers Pixelena Studio. Such talented folks they are.

From wedding hashtags to whether the drapes should be rani pink or fuchsia pink, brides are bombarded with canon-like decisions and questions. Most times, you’d wish people would just shut up and move along, but of course being the bride, you’re slightly obsessive about anything that has to do with your big day (mercy to poor soul who asked), so any decision must be approved and tick-marked by you. While there’s a wedding hashtag generator *lol* available for you to use, other decisions toh you’ll have to either say haan ke naa to. Trust me, it gets easier and post shaadi your decision-making skills could get you a spot on TEDx.

Judge me if you want, but I recall messaging my bestie Nattu (remember her shaadi) and asking her whether I should wear heels or juttis. It did give me one sleepless night, however I had my eureka moment and the mind kicked away the heart’s love for a pair of gorgeous heels and instead urged me to opt for juttis. The reasons listed below.

1) I’m like bambi on ice when I wear heals. Not half as cute tho.
2) I wouldn’t have enjoyed my own shaadi which would have been dreadful, if my feet were sending me pain signals.
3) I’ve got fairly decent height to make others feel tiny.

So khussas/juttis it is, buuuuut where to find ’em?

When you live in Bengaluru and don’t have the courage to spend minimum 2 hour of your precious single life in traffic to go hunting for juttis, then you say hello to online shopping. Also, all the best jutti brands are mostly online.

My top picks in no particular order.

Coral Haze

coral haze gold dust jutti

I bought my engagement juttis from here. I picked a pair of ornate gold juttis which are neutral and festive enough to wear with most indian wear. Also, the design is pretty timeless which is perfect since I believe in future planning and all. Also, who wouldn’t fall for a pair of juttis called “Gold Dust”. While the design range is superb, I like how they go the extra mile by informing you how exactly to care for your juttis. Find out here.

Also, check out their casual collection which I think is perfect for any mehendi function or just to add a little whimsy to your jeans and tee look. I lurv the buggy ride ones.

NeedleDustneedledust twilight jutti

If you’re looking to give your outfit a hint of fun on the big day, then my vote goes to NeedleDust for their adorable-meets-gorgeous juttis which have carnivals, cityscapes and chattris on them. Though the collection is comparably smaller, they’ve focused on unique designs which are a bonus any day. Quality over quantity, doston.

My absolute favourite is the “Twilight” pair that sets the perfect mood for any shaadi with its havelis and jharokhas that are beautifully embroidered in gold zari. And… they have the cutest collection of tiny juttis for the little divas-in-making.

Pastels and Pop

I’ve had my eyes on this particular pair of juttis for forever now. Psst… it’s my birthday month. Someone, anyone?

I my opinion (which could matter), I think their juttis hits the sweet spot between modern and traditional. The collection goes superbly well with tunics, jeans and kurtas alike. I’ve got eyes set on the pompom ones and also this cute “Sweetheart” pair. Predominantly, I think their whole range is perfect for the sister-of-bride and bridesmaids. Just saying.


With a name like that, you’ve already got my attention. Juttichoo has a good range of juttis that’ll do for most events on your social calendar. You can opt for some modern birdy prints ones or indulge in their gorgeous diamante embellished juttis. I’m pretty kicked about the florals ones which would look kickass under palazzos and a plain kurta. My other absolute favourite is this cute “Pop Parade” pair that has these embroidered dabka puppet horses. Too cute!

Also, if it matters, celebs have been adding Juttichoos next to their Jimmy Choos. Check it out.

Fizzy Goblet

And if all other juttis don’t make the cut for you, then maybe Fizzy Goblet’s latest offering might foster some love from you. Just when you thought juttis were becoming a copy-paste, they revealed the sneaker-jutti hybrid *applause*. I think “Honey Bee Denim Sneakers” almost melted my heart. And the whole khandaan can shop here cause they cater to babies and men too. I actually think the men’s ikat juttis are quite kickass. I wish P wore juttis.

I hope all you girls & boys find this post a little helpful. Next time someone asks me where to get juttis from, I’m just gonna share this link. Ok, bye.


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  1. Oh my those shoes from NeedleDust is amazing. The detailing on the pair itself, I would already be more than happy to wear it out to any occasion 🙂

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