Bridal Jewellery by Mortantra

Mortantra bridal jewellery

Because so many people asked me where I got my wedding jewellery from- here you go and thank my obsessive insta-stalking later.

From the jewellery to the lehenga to the latkans, wedding shopping is all kinds of exciting, especially when you’re the bride (miss those days). However, what people don’t tell you is that it can also be bloody nerve-wrecking and emotionally draining (read: true story).

Way before mum joined me in Bangalore to plan the wedding, I had already done the basic ground work when it came to the look/theme for the shaadi. I spent hours and hours on Instagram (in bed, on the bus, at the dinner table) looking for bridal jewellery, lehenga design inspirations and basic shaadi stuff. While inspiration is good, it can also be so damn confusing- I was pretty much an organised mess. I knew what I wanted but I just didn’t have anything in front of me! Where was the fairy godmother when I needed her the most? Or maybe a personal wedding shopper?

This is what happens when you’re an over ambitious bride who wants to design her own lehenga, hunt for unique pieces and be frugal at the same time. However, I didn’t give up (cause I’m not a quitter) and spent the next few months determined to see the other side of this gruelling journey. My first buy happened to be my jewellery which I bought way before my lehenga got stitched. Crazzzy, I know! But it’s like the question of who comes first- the egg or the chicken? The jewellery or the lehenga?Mortantra Bridal Jewellery

I had already bought the fabric for my lehenga which was a beautiful pink Benarasi and I knew I wanted to go all out on the bling- the mathapatti, naath, necklace, earrings, bangles and a string of jasmines to put in my hair. As a family we had decided we weren’t going to visit any sonawalla or make rounds at the Gold Souk, instead I inherited my grandmother’s and mother’s jewels that are far more precious to me than anything. So, obviously for the bridal jewellery I was going to go all imitation and my brand of choice was Mortantra who I happen to stumble upon on Instagram (it was like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow).

Mortantra bridal jewellery Mortantra bridal jewellery

Mortantra is an Ahmedabad based jewellery store run by Shaili Naimish, that legit has the best bridal jewellery collection ever. From temple jewellery to stunning meenakari sets, the collection is diverse and so so beautifully curated. Also, Shaili entertains requests for customised pieces that is a big bonus point to note. I basically picked up everything apart from the bangles from Mortantra and let me just say that my bridal jewellery is my most favourite buy from all the shaadi shopping.

Things to note:

  • I placed the order via email and sent her a bank transfer for the whole amount which I think was quite fairly priced.
  • From the date of transfer to delivery it took little over a month, so please book well it advance.
  • I put my whole heart and trust into Shaili, as obviously I had no idea how the quality or pieces actually looked, but I was really really really happy with what she delivered.
  • Don’t forget to ask for the dimensions, it’ll give you a better idea of the product.

Mortantra bridal jewellery

I also picked up a bulk order of earrings and statement rings from Mortantra as gifts for our relatives and friends. I think this was the lot that came home to us.

Also, please take a minute to admire these beautiful shots taken by my wedding photographers Pixelena Studio. They were absolutely fab! And my makeup was done by the gorgeous Shreeya.

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  1. Indian jewellery are so introcate yet elaborate. Although I am not Indian myself, I love that each piece can be a conversation starter.

  2. The jewelry looks lovely on you. And good to note that they need to be ordered well in advance too- something that will be kept in mind for that as well.

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