Boozy DIY Bachelorette Party Favors


Situation: Your squad is about to whisk you away for a “surprise” bachelorette party (mine) to Pondicherry and that’s when you start counting and thanking each one of your stars  and the little planets that you have such kewl friends like them. You also know that this is the one time (besides the boozy tears) when you can show them a little love back too.

Solution: Knowing my friends, cupcakes or vanity kits wouldn’t make the cut- they probably fake smile at me the whole time. Besides, I also had the boys coming along on the trip. So, thinking gender neutral, I thought to myself (with some help from Pinterest), “how about miniatures”. Perfecto!

I went over to my local daru dukaan, picked up some vodka *shudders*, then made my way to Itsy Bitsy to grab some cute tags and burlap to wrap around the mini bottles. But, that’s not it! I knew there was no way these bottles were going to make it back to their desks or shelves, so a little keepsake for each one was necessary. For that, I picked up a bunch of brooches from Koovs that were so perfectly apt for this party!

With some tying and wrapping here and there, my little bottles full of good spirits and cheeky wordings were done. Ta-da!


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