Blushing Pink and Copper Cues: Pin-worthy Decor Inspiration

Read: Pinterest is my go-to mood booster. I swear by it. And here’s why…

Of late, life’s been a crazy-slow-mess and time doesn’t happen  to be my best friend. In all honesty, I’ve realized I much rather sign up for the fast-life, then dwell with the devil in my mind. You see, I’m a thinker, one who tries to foresee her own future. Unfortunately, my crystal ball looks way too hazy to read and I’m yet to master the art of Tessomancy (I drink way too much tea for my own good). So, in order to while away my time, I spend hours on Pinterest, looking at everything from recipes to wedding ideas to lust-worthy home decor ! Someday, I’ll be sure to put up a post on Pinterest-fails :). For now though, I’m obsessive about planning my new room/house decor and I plan to go all Marie Kondo on it. Uhuh! I’m giving up my hoarder-ways to live a clutter-free life (#challengeaccepted).

I’ve started visualizing and dreaming up my bedroom and here’s how I’m going about turning my Pinterest dreams into a reality. Firstly, get some help! Lucky for me, my guy-to-the-rescue is Abhay and he’s taken up the task to help the Patel family build a home out of white walls. We’ve just started on framing up the basic wardrobes in the rooms and slowly we’ll move onto the more-fun-stuff.

1/ White wardrobes- For my room, I’ve chosen to keep white wardrobes with sliding doors- to give an illusion of more space and to maximise the placement of furniture in my room. The wardrobe is designed in a way that allows me to hang most of my clothes (I hate folding and clothe piles), and to keep my shoes and bags in one tidy space. As for the final show, you and I will both have to wait for it.

2/ White walls- If you’ve known me long enough, you’ll know I had a crazy obsession with all 50 shades of pink. The third decade of my life, seems to prefer whites and blacks with hints of pink instead. So white walls it is. Also, this gives me ample space to dress up the walls with paintings and posters.

3/ Decide the colour palette- Ok, this one’s a toughie to crack. Colours seem to be haunting me crazy! One minute I’m all for the bright cheery marigold and rani pink palettes, and at the flip of a switch I want something more soothing and elegant. Trust me, this is normal, and one day you’ll find your holy-grail of a palette. For now *wink* I’ve been bitten by the copper and blush pink duo, accentuated with hints of black and textured white marble.copper and blush pink palette

4/ Create a mood- I find it helps to create a mood, so that you don’t stray too much from your original plan. Or you could just Pin away all your ideas. You can also start online-window-shopping and create a wish list of the furniture, decor items and furnishings you want to add to your wishlist. Also, get frugal and think up of some cool DIYs from Pinterest (the slot machine of uber cool ideas!).

While I go back to some more Pinning, you can keep a tab on this space for more updates on the Patel home. Also, got any  ideas to make my bedroom into a blushing oasis of bliss? Help is always needed 🙂

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