Berry Delicious Salad

strawberry salad

So easy. So tasty. So berry healthy too!
I never thought I’d be a salad person, but over time I’m beginning to learn that salads can be damn good and oh-so-filling. I’ve slowly moved away from creamy salads, like the good ol’ Caesar and moved to fresher, healthier salads. And something tells me, I’m going to stick to making a salad as often as I can. I’ve figured salads are quite light on your pocket, especially if you’re able to mix up your own dressing and learn to use what you’ve got in your fridge.
A while back, I posted this one on Instagram, and I cross-my-heart, this one is divine and full of goodness. There’s no recipe to it, because I basically chopped up some dragon fruit, a handful of strawberries, pomegranate and some mint. Toss it up and there you have it, a berry delicious salad.
The goodness factor
Dragon fruit- low in calories, rich in vitamins and packed with antioxidants
Pomegranate- Improves blood circulation and loaded with vitamin C
Strawberry- Vitamin C overload and promised antioxidants
Mint- Promotes digestion and acne-fighting
Need any more reasons? 

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