Being Equal


Pussy power. Women against Trump. Women against honour killings. Women against double standards. Women against the douchebags who tried to grope them. Women against abuse. Sounds all too familiar, eh?

Unfortunately, this doesn’t even address the bigger picture. Every time these words make it to the headlines, I’m sure you’ve envisioned a squad of women protesting for their fundamental rights. What you might have not thought of, is that women have been fighting the world even before we were born. Often fighting for our lives even before our first breath is stolen from us. Only because we have a pussy.

Does  it bother you I say “pussy”? Well, you’d be a dick if it did.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not on a boy-bashing rant here. I have no right to advocate against men. Why would I? I’ve been brought up by a father who treats me just like my brothers, which means, I got my right to a kickass education, I got the opportunity to dictate my own life and every time I switch on the water works, I’m firmly reminded that one should be more thick-skinned. Lucky for me, I wasn’t asked to forgo an education or sign up for the shaadi bootcamp after turning a ripe 23. Instead, I was empowered by him to live the best life I possibly can and also to give back. Thank you papa.

Being a woman, it’s inherent that I would side with my own sex. The goddesses. I’m fast to judge when “they” think the fairness of her skin equates #marriagegoals or when the perfectly round chapati puts her in the winning for the “Best Bahu 2017” or when her paycheque goes to his bank account and not hers- however you call her self sufficient and independent because she works TOO *slow clap*.

It’s not men who are the necessary evil. It’s our own society. The next door uncle who can’t handle the number of male friends entering your apartment, the girl who shammed you before your college jury by calling you “fat”, the tutor who thought you were too naive and grazed his hand up your skirt or the corporate bitch who dissed out the stay-at-home mum. Yet, from the uncle to the corporate bitch, we all advocate for “the future is female”. Have we understood what we’re fighting for? Do women understand that its more than just adding a #whoruntheworld hashtag to their post? Do men understand that it’s not a race between men and women, instead it’s a plight to empower every living soul, human being, cat and little goldfish in our society to have equal rights?

Equal. Same to same. Got that?


Disclaimer: These are my own thoughts. Comment down below because I’m always up for a good conversation. Heated or not. Also, happy women’s day!

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