Beauty Notes: A is for Applicator

Guys, I’m starting a brand new series on the blog called the “Beauty Notes” which will literally take you through the A to Z of all things beauty. I’m sups excited!

From products to ingredients to basic makeup jargon, consider this my very own version of “beauty for dummies”. Just a little note before I introduce A- I’m no where close to being a beauty guru or anything of the sort, however the world of beauty quite intrigues me and hey, who doesn’t want to master the art of makeup.

Psst… I doubt I’ll be joining Alicia Keys’ #NoMakeup movement anytime soon. Ok, let’s start now.

A is for applicator

What it does?
The applicator is basically a puff or sponge that is used to to apply makeup (mostly liquid) to your pretty face. It could be round, triangle or dew shaped. Also, it comes in all sizes. In this case, the smaller the better *wink*.

Best buy
So far the most popular kid on the block has been the Beautyblender that’s known to do an ace job at applying your foundation and concealer flawlessly (no more cake face here). However, there’s a new kid called Silisponge who promises to do the same thing without wasting your precious product. Not too sure if I’m ready to hangout with the new kid just yet.

How to use it
Applicators are easy to use. No special skill sets required here. Just wet the sponge a little, apply some foundation/concealer to the back of your hand or spot it onto your face and then use the applicator to dab (read: not wipe) the product flawlessly onto your face. The trick here being blend, blend and blend some more till you get a perfect coverage. And there you have it. So easy, na?

What I think
Umm… just to let you know, there are a tonne of dupes available out there which are cheaper and still get the job done. I don’t mind using those either because I’m not too keen on using the same sponge over and over despite giving it a good wash. This way, neither my heart or piggy bank break each time I throw out a sponge. And bros, whatever anyone says, sponges can’t have a shelf life longer than two months. Period.

BTW brushes count as applicators too, but since that’s quite a huge topic to cover you’ll find it in next week’s B is for brushes.

Let me know if you think of the new series. Happy weekend folks!

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  1. i don’t really comfortable using sponge and brushes. i know it is not hygienic, but normally i just apply makeup using my fingers. Faster and convenient for me, haha

  2. I’ve got a beauty blender dupe and love it, I’ve tried applying my foundation with a brush and just didn’t like the coverage it gave me but changing to a sponge applicator was a revelation to me ?

  3. Absolutely love the beauty blender but while that is a great product, the Silisponge is not too bad too. I keep using the two whilst switching back and forth, and the only difference is that you can certainly save more product with the Silisponge. Overall both are lovely in their own way.

  4. I love my beauty blender but I’m curious to try out the new kid too. Lucky I won it from a giveaway few weeks back. Haven’t use it yet though, been busy.

  5. Beautyblender.. I haven’t tried the original one but I’ve got the fake one. It’s super good & it applies the foundation so well. Silisponge is something I haven’t tried out yet, but I love the idea of it and would love to try it some day 🙂
    Great post!

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