journalApologies in advance! To you, me and anyone who expected to find something in this spot. It’s been a good ten months or so since I last posted. Honestly, I’ve got a handful of reasons for not posting- I could blame it on a demanding job, a creative block, laziness or all of the above. I could have easily deleted my blog, instead of letting it collect “internet webs”, and Blogger does allow you 90 days before you bid your final adieu. But something told me to hold on.

And here I am again, typing away again. I feel like I’m on a mission, something of the sorts like going to the moon. It’s just as exciting for me and I’ll be letting out some of these big plans very very soon. But for now, a little thought I wanted to share with you all. When the year started, Pinterest popped a colourful image on my feed. It said “Be”.

I saved the image and had it as my iPhone wall paper for the longest time (till yesterday precisely). I’d often get asked what it meant, and I’d reply “Just Be” (with a smile of course). It struck me that I had spent my whole adult life trying to define success and trying to be someone I’m not. Sure I’ve got goals, ambitions and things I want to do, but I’ve let how others do it, define my success. Not anymore. No more. Instead I choose to “Be”. To be in this moment, to be who I am, to dream (even if it’s about doing nothing) and believe in me.

Be  /bi:/

1. exist
2. occur: take place
3. having the state, quality, identity, nature, role, etc.
4. say

So go on, be a dreamer and believer. My wallpaper now says that.

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