Aztec Rules

The Aztec trend ruled the runways last season and I still haven’t gotten over it! Monochromes, coloured or neons, they’ve caught my fancy and I can’t resist the lovely geometric patterns. I’m not someone who wears dresses on a daily basis, I generally save them for an occasion or outing, but I figured what’s the point of leaving these beauties hanging around in my closet. 
I had this printed dress I bought a couple of months back and only ever wore it in Goa. The dress comes with short magyar sleeves that make my shoulders look a lot broader, so like always I resorted to layering it up. It’s way too hot in Bangalore right now to even touch anything that’s close to winter wear, but this denim jacket worked out perfectly well. It’s lightweight and I like the casual relaxed look it adds to the dress. I think I should probably attempt wearing more dresses this year!
Dress- Inmark 
Jacket- Bossini

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  1. You know, I find that very easy to relate to! Because I'm not exactly model-thin, nor curvy, a little chubby even – I mostly love layering my clothes. Especially when it comes to pretty spaghetti strap tunics and sleeveless blouses, I almost never wear them without a cardigan or a light-weight shrug thrown over my whole ensemble. I've been doing the denim shirt pairing a lot too, especially if the fabric is slightly jersey-like and light, it makes all the difference. Besides, it's a prettier option – mixing prints + fabrics. 🙂 It is sure is a sweet, hot and sticky summer this time!

    P.S. Sorry about the deletion, I made a typo. 🙁

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  2. Hey! I completely understand what you mean! I unfortunately have never stepped out wearing sleeveless, so its hard to find dresses that suit me and I feel comfortable in. Layering has always been my saviour but yeah with this Bangalore weather getting sticky, dressing up gets a whole lot taskful!!

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