Asante Sana, Dhanyavaad, Thank You!


Even with all your flaws and major mind-effing hurdles, 2016, you were bloody awesome and I’m so glad we got by just fine. P (the husband) left for Dubai today morning, which means we’re back to doing the whole ldr thing and like protocol, I spent the whole day in my PJs catching up on Netflix and eating hogging in bed (that’s how I cope with him leaving). In between switching from Stranger Things and Trapped, I found myself surrendering into a trance-like state, ranging from bouts of ecstasy to moments of glum. You see, after 3 whole months of controlled happy chaos, I was alone today. Just me and my jammies.

Let me fill you in, incase you happened to miss the bandwagon.

On 13th December 2016, P and I got married *blush*. It was a perfect wedding with a script-ful of drama that enlists my bum to the turquoise couch on Koffee With Karan. The stories, now dinner table and bar stool chatter, were funny, nerve-wrecking, and absolutely worldly. I’m going to tell you some of the stories, but let’s save that for the wedding posts (uh huh that’s right) coming up soonish. Today, I just want to tell you a little something that stuck to me like superglue.

Apart from the perfect lehenga, the oh-so beautiful decor and the jalebis that were served hot, just like our caterer promised, it was the guests (family and friends) that made happy with my heart (so very happy) that night. It was P’s smile, my mum’s happy tears, my grandmother’s kiss, my dad’s silent yet reassuring gaze and the pure love (from 150 hearts) I felt under the twinkling canopy of fairy lights. It was so overwhelming (kasam se), and if I felt a moment of glum that day, it was only because I felt I’ve often set low the love and worth of family and friends.

Today, while I start writing my ‘thank you’ notes, I find comfort and happiness in knowing that I’m so grateful to have these people bless us that night. With that, I’m sure P and I will start our lives on a note of being humbled- far more precious than anything we could have asked for.

P.S. Thank you!

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  1. Ooohhhh my beautiful daughter with an equally beautiful heart. I truly believe that the love oozing out of 150 or so people under the canopy of fairy lights and dream flowers made it a very very special day. Love you oodles and may love be the driving force for P and your life ahead in this difficult world.

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