Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

I’ve pondered over quite a few cups of coffee whether to start a new diet, launch a company, start stitching, go back to college, maximize my blog etc! But this endless list remains to be lingering thoughts in my head. Is it ever too late to start something or make that difference?! Never!  I know that not initiating these things would be called ‘laziness’ I’ve often heard, but deep down I do believe I will attempt these things.
My father went back to college when he was 40+, a time at which he had a tonne of responsibilities. How he did it? Did he have support emotionally or financially? I’ve never really asked him, but I know he doesn’t regret it.
I crib alot over mundane things like going to work, cleaning the house, paying bills etc. I’ve never really heard my dad complain and I wonder what it is that keeps him so driven? I also wonder how sometimes I have overlooked this strong figure in my life.
DAD- How do you do it? Day after day? – Love Nami

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