It’s Raksha Bandhan today, which ideally meant I got to tie bling-tastic rakhis’ to my brothers and in return got a present (oh how I wish)! Well but like any other sister, today marks a deeper emotion- one of pure love and a sense of being. Why a sense of being? Because no matter how many miles apart we are, whether we like it or not, we’re born of the same love.  If you’ve read my about page, I’ve mentioned that I have a twin, Neel- hell ya that gives me a coolness factor! And I have a very dotting elder brother, Nikil who takes pride in being a bully at times.
I titled this post “A Trio Of Madness” because we’re three of us, two brothers and a sister, born to the very lovely Mayuri and Ajay Patel! The three of us are born literally a year and fifteen days apart which meant that my parents must have faced moments of hell amongst the so called parental bliss.  I often wonder how they did it- how did they bring up three children who have no similarities and very individualistic ideas?!  No idea.. mum care to tell me? I know we were brats and I still remember the millions of times we’ve got grounded, but when I look back, it was all worth it, cause those are our stories shared from a childhood that is so precious to me and I wouldn’t dare to share with anyone else.
I have so many memories with my brothers and if I told you every one of them- my blog would be a brother appraisal site! But today I’m writing for my brothers, because they’re just too far away from me.
Nikil- My very dapper elder brother who manages to win over ladies hearts t(especially his fiancé) is a kind and very sensitive man BUT that’s what makes him so approachable. He’s the kind of man who could be your best friend and listen to you talk for hours, even though I’d be rattling off the most immature statements. I also often see a lot of my father in him, which makes me love him even more, I see their childish and playful tactics yet their deeper and sterner sides.  He’s the brother who almost beat up a boy for me and nothing makes me happier then to know I have someone to care enough to do something like that. He’s also the brother who’ll sit across a room but still let you know he’s there for you if you need him. I however do remember getting bullied by him on countless occasions- like always being a fielder when we played cricket (no wonder I hate the game)!! But he’s grown up and I think he’s allowed to have the “bully ticket” since he is my elder brother. I also should mention that he never says “No”, at least he hasn’t yet! The last time I met him- he was ever so patient to accompany Mum and I across the streets and malls of Dubai, and not even once utter a word of frustration!! And to top it off he’s the kind of brother to shower you with endless bear hugs and gifts! If you wished for an elder brother- he’s the kind you’d wish for!
Neel- First things first- Twineee Power!!! Yes, that’s what we said for almost a decade whilst growing up- no wonder Nikil hated sharing a room with us! Bwahaha! So Neel is exactly 3 minutes older than me- that’s not a lot in real time, but in my time that’s like 3 years!! So Neel is a super duper genius and he’ll never admit it because he’s genuinely very humble- which I am not! Ofcourse intelligence doesn’t mark a person’s character- right?!? Ok, in Neel’s case it kind of does. When I think of Neel or talk about him, I just feel so proud- proud to be his sister. It’s not a proud feeling because of what he’s attained in his young life, it’s a proud feeling to be a part of someone who is so pure at heart.  He’s quite and reserved at times- unlike me and has this very intriguing personality. He’s the kind of brother you can discuss just about anything with because you know he’ll never judge you- not even for a second. He’s got starry eyes- the kind big dreamers have and I know he’s one to make the most of his life. And he’s the reason I believe in dreams….
So to my brother’s who are miles away from me- I love you both to infinity x infinity and thank my stars I share the same DNA as the both of you- there is a chance I have a kind, handsome and intelligent son!!!
Also, kudos to all the other brothers who put up with little sisters!

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  1. Nami very well written. Your blog made me really emotional but at the same time so proud because you have described both the boys correctly. Life was definitely like a roller coaster with the three of you so hyper and naughty, but all that was worth it as now I have three loving caring and well behaved adults who dote on their parents.

  2. Very beautifully written, Namrata! Sweet actually. (I have come to appreciate family much, much more than I used to, before. the first few years in Bombay helped me realise that… but I've felt a deeper connection to my folks even more recently, now that I've grown up, gone though good friends and bad, and experiences, I just feel that MUCH more for my family than I ever did earlier. I'm happy I've gotten here finally.)

  3. Nami, as the heart taken fiancé ;)I have to say that your post is fab. We can feel how much love is shared in your family. I agree with you, your parents are heroes to have three – or two at least as I guess Neel was quieter – super active babies in such a short period of time!
    I can say the way you describe your brothers seems so true to me and made me feel really emotional too (on another note, I also see a lot of your dad in Niku which gives me a lot of confidence for the future).

    In a nutshell, I am proud to be part of your family and cannot wait to see how your parents are going to handle all the gran child in some years =D

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