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Flashback to the 1990’s when I was still in school and getting myself a “trendy” wardrobe meant heading to Shopper’s Stop, Linking Road and Adidas; or simply ask the foreign-aunty to send over a stash. That was also the time when Gap and Tommy Hilfiger were the cool things to wear (much thanks to Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Karan Johar). Thankfully, today you don’t need to venture out to foreign retail brands to get yourself ‘the’ look. Today, I’m overwhelmed by the great pool of designers and budding fashion entrepreneurs who’ve all made a distinctive mark with their global yet homegrown designs. Far from mainstream, these labels are on lust-lists that put the likes of Zara and H&M at the bottom. From relaxed billowy silhouettes to smart-usage of heritage fabrics, these labels define India’s new-age clothing brands.


Minimalist and decidedly sublime, The Summer House is an exclusive online clothing and home decor label that strives on craftsmanship and sustainability. Here, easy gentle meets contemporary minimalism that makes you want to ditch your overfilled wardrobe and inherit a few beautiful pieces that bring to mind “soulful living”. Their Pin-worthy home decor pieces are perfect for summer soirees and picnics. The duo behind the brand, Shivangaini Parihar and Rekha Datla, also occasionally host a movie under the stars and workshops to ace your food styling. What’s not to love about their “celebration of slow living”- it’s a much needed blessing amongst all this chaos, I say.the summer house bangalore


Easy does it, is how China Farooqui’s label Injiri presents itself. Artisanal techniques and hand loom fabrics marry to create spell-binding silhouettes and drapes that are modern yet elegantly understated. Local costumes and fabrics play inspiration for her collections- think kedia tops, choga silhouettes and midi dresses in a monochrome palette with tassels and tales to tell. From Kutch to Madras, this talented designer takes her cues from India’s eclectic regions and narrates a beautiful story through her drapes. And if that isn’t enough to tempt you, her home textiles collection is a dream come true. Elegant yet simple, the kala cotton range is homely and bohemian. Imagine white sheer drapes, bolsters, distressed wood and Injiri’s home textiles. Read: Bliss.injiri jaipur


Complex and beautiful, ikat is synonymous to exotic tastes and a heritage of cultures. A call-out to bohemian style, Ikat also happens to be fashion’s tissu de nécessité. Androgynous in taste, ikat proves to be versatile and fashionable all at once, especially when it’s translated into beautiful silhouettes like Chandni Sareen does. Her label The Ikat Story, uses ikat as a medium to create clothing that is bohemian yet contemporary. From reversible coats to bralets, The Ikat Story is one that is beautifully retold.the ikat story


Fresh on the list with their recent and very successful launch is Nicobar. Founders Simran Lal and Raul Rai, bring forth a label that is so refreshing that it brings to mind of days idling in paradise. Contemporary yet culturally infused, Nicobar takes Good Earth’s ethos and adds to it an approach that identifies with the modern. With three segments on offer: home, travel and fashion, Nicobar sums up a sweet escape from the daily grind. The fabrics are light, the design is minimalistic and thoughtful, and the vibe is relaxed yet heartfelt. From long white kurtas spotted with tonal dobby to polka dot dresses, these pieces are an easy way that make errand-running fashionable. The home collection is simple and timeless, perfect to serve up your sweets and canapes in style. #bridalshowerwishlistNicobar lifestyle


Ever dreamed of wearing your PJs to work? Well, Anomaly makes dreams come true. With its minimalist, modern and versatile clothing line, day-to-day wear looks a lot like chic yet effortless lounge wear (now you really can’t complain). From silk blouses to cotton shift dresses with simple details like a hint of contrast piping, Anomaly’s range is truly understated. If you’re planning to go minimalist, your wardrobe starts and ends with their range. Plus, comfort is guaranteed.anomaly india

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  1. Ummm, food styling workshop, now that’s what I need. Injiri, name and style reminds me of the Ethiopian style. Wearing PJ style clothes to work, not sure!
    Love your article.

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