36 Days Of Type & A Beautiful Journey Through Indian Crafts With Hiral Patel

36 Days of Type

Typo geeks and craft nerds, have you seen anything more beautiful than these alphabets?

This has legit been my most favourite thing on Instagram this whole year! I remember thinking how sad I’d be when we got to Z and wished for the sake of this project that there were a gazillion letters in the alphabet. I wonder if the brain and insanely talented designer behind this 36 Days of Type project Hiral Patel thought so too.

Before we find out, let me quickly fill you in on the project itself. 36 Days of Type is an open project to designers and illustrators to express themselves or their view through 26 letters followed by the numbers 0-9 making it 36 days of typo heaven!  I was following the hashtag #36DaysOfType on Instagram and it was Hiral’s passion and truly unique representation that really spelt out W-O-W for me.

If you haven’t already guessed yet, her letters represent different crafts of India; from A for Ajrakh to Z for Zardozi (common, repeat after me!). Personally, it was a beautiful recap of what we learnt in our “appreciation of indian textiles” class and also, I got educated on a handful of new crafts like Q for Quitabat (did you know?). From the letters to the impeccable styling to the write-ups on each post, it’s clear that Hiral put in a whole lot of time and effort into this project, which I truly truly admire. Kasam se.

When someone truly inspires me, I can’t help but reach out to them. So over a few quick messages on Instagram, Hiral so sweetly answered my questions (like a true pro). Here goes…

Designer, artist or both?
I feel every designer is an artist and has his/her own unique style and way of thinking. One cannot be a successful designer if one is not an artist at heart.

I’m passionate about… Painting. Food. Sleeping. (lol)

36 Days of Type taught me to have faith in an idea and execute it. As most of the times I would chuck an idea due to fear of being unable to execute it.

I’m obsessive about folk art & crafts of the world. There is so much that history can teach us that we can never learn otherwise.

My favourite letter from 36 Days of Type is D for Daboo

Also, she said coming to the end of the project was bittersweet (read: same feels). If you want to admire more of her work or share a virtual hug with her, you can follow her on Instagram or checkout her portfolio here. I highly recommend both.

And in her own words, she shares a little something about herself.

“Hi my name is Hiral. I’m a Mumbai based freelance graphic designer (formerly working at Good Earth India). I believe that crafting your heart out makes room for your soul; and that creativity is contagious- one must pass it on. I love to paint pretty things and fallen flowers. What can I say Arts and Crafts keeps me sane!”


Psst…Don’t you just love her?

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  1. I love all the individual characters on the letters. AHHH can i have some to be replicated for my room please

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