10 Reasons Friends Are Bae

Warning: There’s some major love in this post. It will get ovary-tly mushy.

2005 I moved to Bangalore in the name of love. During the time, my heart quite tragically got broken into a million tiny pieces (sprinkle-like) and got pieced back together by a bunch of girls and boys. Fast forward 12 years, these peeps are still my go-to-squad and one of them actually signed up to be my husband *blush*.

We all met in college. One huge crazy gang that are friends-for-life-type-thick yet delicate enough to shatter like your grandma’s china set. Good thing for us, college taught us well in the art of using Fevicol. Broken pieces can be mended.

Each one of them are so so special to me and most times when I think of them I want to give them an imaginary pappi. I love how together or individually we’ve shared a library full of moments and tonnes of secrets over phone calls and beers. In these last few years we’ll all grown up in each other’s company and witnessed heartbreaks and marriages, baby bumps and added kilos, and a truckload of rants. Fortunately some of us get to laugh together, party together and patiently wait together for the next time our squad meets up, which is exactly a month away from today for Lekha’s bachelorette *woohoo*.

I thank my stars that I live the in the same city as some of my closest & bestest friends, because I’d be a lost kitten if it weren’t for them. I also wish that I got to see the rest of the gang more often, because each time I’m around them, they fill up my heart with so much bubbling love that it makes me sad that we can’t consume each other’s live everyday single day. And if having a LDR with them isn’t enough, I have to do it with the hubby too, which sucks astronomically.The last time we all got together was in December for my wedding, which now seems like a lifetime ago.

I’m having major withdrawals from them all, so I’m going to list down 10 reasons friends are bae.

  1. Good, bad or ugly, whichever form you present yourself in, they’ll still acknowledge your presence and if you’re lucky they might show a little love and hug you too. They genuinely love you for who you are.
  2. They leave work early and skip meetings, just so that we can all talk about the same shit we spoke about in the morning over a couple of beers. They know their priorities include you. 
  3. When you need your hair pulled back when you’re puking your life out or your lehenga held up when you need to confirm all pee is out of your body, they’re the ones to help you. A friend in need is a friend indeed. 
  4. When you answer your calls at 2am because you have friends who love drunk-dialling or when you listen to her repeat the same heart break story even after 12 years. They have the patience of monk waiting for Nirvana. 
  5. Sometimes when the shit gets real bad, you share the tears and get into the mood with your bestie, even if you were Ms. Sunshine before she started crying. You share the emotions because you feel ’em too.
  6. They keep your secrets like they’re guarding top NASA secrets. Only because you’re so special. Admittedly, at some point most of us have been guilty of sharing other’s secrets, but what stays in the group, stays in the group. You’re worth keeping secrets for even though it’s killing me inside. 
  7. They finish your sentences and know exactly what you’re thinking even before you say it. That’s because we’ve tuned our minds to think differently but also acknowledge each other’s thoughts on cue. They know you so well.
  8. We can be real-ass bitches but when it comes to each other, our hearts melt like butter. Also, know that if you mess with one of us, you’re dealing with all of us. FYI some of us lift heavy weights and have medals in state level shooting. We got each other’s back.
  9. They’re really kickass people who have done some amazing things in life and each one is just so bloody talented and grounded. My everyday inspiration comes from this bunch of people. They don’t even know it. They’re genuinely amazing people who make the world a better place.
  10. When you’re miles away from family you tend to make people your own. They became just as important as family do, sometimes even more important. They adopt you. These peeps become your world.

Friends *sigh*.

Note: This picture is one of my favourites from my wedding only because it reminds me of how weirdly quirky my girls are. Picture courtesy thanks to Pinku who is all kinds of fabulous and talented (college topper + state level shooter + ace mehendi designer). I last spoke about her here.

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  1. Love this post. I still have some friends from back home in Poland who I consider my besties even though I don’t see them as much as I would love to. These type of friendships can really stand the test of time. When you click with someone it’s for life. I loved hearing about your besties. They sound like fun!

  2. As you said friends know you better than anyone else. Your friends not only the girls but guys also are truly jewels. They’ve not only been there for you but have showered us also with so much love and respect. I was totally taken aback when after your wedding the whole gang wanted to take a photo with us without you and your hubby! That’s family for us.

  3. Friends are definitely special people in our lives, I don’t see mine as often as I would like but when we do catch up its just like where we have left off ? Such a lovely post

  4. Yes I agree. And friends should never be jealous or wants things that you have and don’t feel like you can have them, just because they don’t. I cut out jealous friends because it won’t work.

    have a good weekend! xo Sabine

  5. Wooow, you are so lucky to have friends like this. I have had my college gang, and each and every of them was equally important to me. However, we all got lost after several years of graduating, and we went to chase our dreams and careers in different corners of the world.
    I really miss them, and I agree with your post that our friends are our bae. 🙂

  6. Awwww this is such a cute post and I love that you’ve written one dedicated to your friends. Friends ARE bae & it’s amazing to have that support in your life!

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